I. Writings by Michel J. Gagné


1. On JFK-related conspiracy theories

a. “From Camelot to Conspiracy: Memory, Myth, and the Death of JFK,” Skeptic magazine, Winter 2017/2018.

This essay, which was first presented to the 2017 Concordia-Vanier Liberal Arts Colloquium in Montreal on March 31, 2017, was published in Skeptic magazine 22.4 (December 2017). It is based on the concluding chapter of a manuscript titled: Autopsy of a Modern Myth: Thinking Critically about the Kennedy Assassination.

b. Preface and Chapter 2 of Autopsy of a Modern Myth: Thinking Critically About the Kennedy Assassination, 2019.

This is the preface and introductory historical chapter of my completed manuscript on JFK conspiracy theories. I am presently between publishers. I have posted it here for our interested listeners and curious publishers.

Preface and Table of Contents

Chapter 2: “Three Dead in Dallas: the “Official Story”

c. “How I lost my Faith... in Oliver Stone” (published as How Oliver Stone Turned me Into a Conspiracy Theorist),The National Post, 2013.

This Op-Ed article was published on the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination in one of Canada’s major national newspapers. (Full article)



2. On Northern Ireland

a. The Harp, the Hammer and the Plough : the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement and the World Beyond, 1963-1969, Concordia University, 2005. (140 pages).


This is my Master’s Thesis in History.

b. "Deconstructing the Sectarian Epic: The Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement and the World Beyond Irish Shores, 1963-1969", History Studies: The University of Limerick History Society Journal, Volume 8, 2007.


This is an article summarizing my 2005 Master’s Thesis.


c. "The Lark of Long Kesh: Bobby Sands and the Irish Republican Movement", (published as “Sands, Bobby (1954-1981)”), in Jeffrey Ian Ross, ed.: Religion and Violence: An Encyclopedia of Faith and Conflict from Antiquity to the Present (2011).

This is a short biography of Irish Republican hunger striker Bobby Sands, published in a three-volume collection of articles on themes connected to violence and religion. Jeffrey Ross is a professor at the School of Criminal Justice at the University of Baltimore in Maryland.

3. Other documents

a. "Who Watches the Watchers’ Watchers?” A Review of Conspiracy Theories & The People Who Believe Them, edited by Joseph E Uscinski. Skeptic magazine (Summer 2020).

This essay appeared in Skeptic magazine 25.2 (June 2020).


a. Radio


"Are computers making children smarter?" An Interview with Mike Finnerty, CBC Radio 1: Daybreak, January 8, 2008.


b. Print


Tom Fordy: “Why Oliver Stone’s JFK is the greatest lie Hollywood ever told,The Telegraph (London), 15 July 2020.


c. Podcasts


Conspirationnisme, complotisme et Christianisme: Analyse de ces phénomènes et de leurs impacts sur l'Église,” Part 1 and Part 2.  October 2020.  Pub Socratique (a French-language podcast on social issues that intersect with Christian belief and practice).