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GOT A QUESTION for our host, our production team, or one of our guests?

GOT AN IDEA for a show, interview, or segment?

GOT A THEORY about why the world is how it is?

GOT SOME EXPERT KNOWLEDGE that can help us shed light on a topic discussed on our show?

DROP US A LINE at and we’ll do our darndest to address your query.

GOT AN INSULT OR UNCHARITABLE OPINION to share about our voices, tastes, beliefs, lack of talent, unfunniness, pedantic tone, sub-average intellects, our selling out to the establishment, our Oxford commas, or are horrybal spellnig?


No problem!  Just write it down on a piece of scrap paper, stick it in an envelope, lick it, and toss it into the special Philip K. Dick express mail delivery subsystem.  The FBI agents filtering through your garbage will let us know what you wrote in two to three business days. 

(Man! Those guys are good!)

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